Convenience and Accessibility: The Rear Mounted Spare Wheel Carrier on the MODE Canopy

Easy Access to Your Spare Wheel for On-the-Go Tire Changes

When it comes to off-road adventures, having a reliable and easily accessible spare wheel is essential. The MODE Canopy offers a practical solution with its rear-mounted spare wheel carrier. This feature ensures convenience and accessibility, allowing for quick and hassle-free tire changes when needed. Let's explore the benefits and functionality of the rear-mounted spare wheel carrier on the MODE Canopy.

Convenience and Accessibility in Tire Changes

The MODE Canopy's rear-mounted spare wheel carrier ensures convenience and accessibility when it comes to changing a flat tire. Instead of struggling with a spare wheel stored inside the vehicle or in a separate compartment, the rear-mounted carrier allows for easy access to the spare wheel, even while on the go. This convenient placement eliminates the need to unload cargo or disrupt your adventure to access the spare wheel, saving you time and effort.

Effortless Mounting and Secure Fastening

The rear-mounted spare wheel carrier on the MODE Canopy is designed for effortless mounting and secure fastening of your spare wheel. The carrier is engineered to accommodate standard spare wheel sizes, providing a stable and secure attachment point. The fastening mechanism ensures that the spare wheel remains firmly in place during rugged off-road travels, preventing any potential damage or displacement.

Optimal Utilisation of Space

By mounting the spare wheel on the rear of the canopy, the MODE Canopy maximizes the utilisation of available space. This design choice frees up valuable space inside the canopy, allowing for greater storage capacity for other gear, equipment, or supplies. The rear-mounted position also ensures that the spare wheel does not obstruct access to the canopy or compromise the interior space, providing a practical and efficient solution.

Enhanced Exterior Aesthetics

The rear-mounted spare wheel carrier on the MODE Canopy not only offers functionality but also enhances the exterior aesthetics of your vehicle. The carrier is designed to seamlessly integrate with the overall design of the canopy, complementing its sleek and rugged appearance. The addition of the spare wheel on the rear of the canopy adds a distinctive and adventurous touch to your vehicle, making a statement on the road.


The rear mounted spare wheel carrier on the MODE Canopy ensures convenience, accessibility, and peace of mind for off-road adventurers. With its easy access and secure fastening mechanism, tire changes become a breeze, allowing you to quickly get back on track during your outdoor excursions. The optimal utilisation of space and enhanced exterior aesthetics further enhance the overall functionality and appeal of the MODE Canopy. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of the rear-mounted spare wheel carrier, and embark on your off-road adventures knowing that you're prepared for any unexpected tire issues.