Spacious and Well-Proportioned Design

The MODE 4x4 Canopy offers a practical and well-designed solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile shelter. With its thoughtfully engineered dimensions, this canopy provides ample space while maintaining a compact footprint. Whether you're planning a camping trip, setting up a temporary workspace, or organising an outdoor event, the MODE 4x4 Canopy is an ideal choice.

External Unit Dimensions:
- Height: 0.94m: The canopy stands at an impressive height of 0.94 meters, ensuring sufficient headroom for users of varying heights. This generous clearance allows for comfortable movement and enhances the overall sense of spaciousness within the canopy.
- Width: 1.88m: The external width of 1.88 meters provides ample room for accommodating various equipment, furniture, and supplies. It offers sufficient space to arrange seating, storage, and other essentials, allowing you to optimize the available area to meet your specific needs.
- Length: 1.71m: With a length of 1.71 meters, the MODE 4x4 Canopy offers a well-proportioned footprint that strikes a balance between compactness and usability. This length provides an optimal space for setting up various setups, such as outdoor kitchens, workstations, or relaxation areas.

Internal Unit Dimensions:
- Height: 0.88m: The internal unit height of 0.88 meters ensures a comfortable interior space for occupants. This dimension allows individuals to move freely without feeling cramped, promoting a relaxed and enjoyable experience inside the canopy.
- Width: 1.79m: The internal width spans 1.79 meters, providing a spacious area for users to organize their belongings, equipment, or create functional zones within the canopy. This width offers flexibility in arranging furniture, gear, or workstations, catering to diverse activities and needs.
- Length: 1.65m: The internal length of 1.65 meters optimizes the usable space within the MODE 4x4 Canopy. It allows for the arrangement of various setups, such as sleeping quarters, storage compartments, or leisure areas, ensuring users can make the most of the available space.

Overall, the MODE 4x4 Canopy's dimensions strike a harmonious balance between external footprint and internal space, offering a comfortable and adaptable environment for outdoor pursuits.