Filling The Water Tanks in Your Zone RV

A Guide to Filling Your Water Tanks the Right Way to Prevent Overfilling and Damage

Filling your water tanks may seem like a straightforward task, but it's important to do it efficiently to prevent overfilling or damaging your tanks. In this article, we'll discuss the steps to efficiently fill your water tanks.

1. Check the tank gauge on your REDARC display.

Before you begin filling your water tanks, ensure that they aren't already full. Check the tank gauge on your REDARC display to get an accurate reading of the tank levels.

2. Plug a hose onto the inlet for the tank you wish to fill.

Once you've confirmed that your tanks aren't full, plug a hose onto the inlet for the tank you wish to fill. It's important to visually inspect the tank while filling to ensure that the breathers are not blocked and that the tank isn't expanding.

3. Fill the tank with half pressure.

When filling your water tank, it's important not to use full mains pressure. Instead, only use half pressure by partially opening the tap. This ensures that the breathers on top of the tanks can keep up with the amount of water entering the tank.

4. Keep an eye on the level display.

While filling your water tanks, keep an eye on the level display to make sure that the correct tank is filling, and that you don't overfill the tank. Overfilling the tank can cause damage to the tank and lead to water overflowing.

5. Watch for overflowing from the breather holes.

As your tanks get close to full, you might notice a little overflowing coming from the breather holes located in each tank. This is normal and indicates that the tank is almost full.

6. Stop filling if you overfill the tank.

If you accidentally overfill the tank, water will be forced out of the tank breathers and onto the ground. If this happens, stop filling the tank and give it time to relieve the pressure in the tank before attempting to fill it again.

Follow these steps to ensure that you don't overfill your tanks or damage them during the filling process. With a little care and attention, you can have a safe and enjoyable trip with a reliable water supply.