How To Get an Instant Quote - Mode 4x4 Accessories

An instant quote with a price & weight

If you are looking for a service body canopy for your 4x4 there any many things to consider when looking through the market today! Two of the most important details is finding out the canopy cost and weight. At MODE 4x4 Accessories we give you these details instantly!

At MODE 4x4 Accessories, we offer our customers a seamless digital experience. How does it work? You can build the perfect canopy with your chosen specifications from the comfort of your own home. We provide an immediate quote, complete with a price and weight details for your build. Thanks to our online configurator, we give you a running total of both the price and weight to keep your canopy's weight in check.

Watch this video explaining exactly how this can benefit you when you are looking for a lightweight canopy for your setup. 

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