Wide Range of Fitment Kits Available for the MODE Canopy: Find the Perfect Match for Your Vehicle

Enhancing Compatibility and Versatility for Popular Models.

Finding a canopy that seamlessly fits your vehicle is essential for optimal functionality and aesthetics. The MODE Canopy understands this need and offers a variety of fitment kits to ensure a perfect match for popular vehicle models. Whether you own a Mazda BT 50, Isuzu Dmax, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, or Toyota Landcruiser 70, MODE Canopy has you covered. Let's explore the fitment kit options available for these models, enhancing compatibility and versatility for your outdoor adventures.

Mazda BT 50 - 3rd Generation Fitment Kit: Precision and Integration

The MODE Canopy provides a dedicated fitment kit designed specifically for the 3rd generation Mazda BT 50. This kit ensures a precise fit, seamless integration, and optimal functionality. With the MODE Canopy on your Mazda BT 50, you can confidently venture into the outdoors, knowing that your canopy is secure and tailored to your vehicle's specifications.

Isuzu Dmax - 3rd Generation Fitment Kit: Rugged Reliability

For owners of the 3rd generation Isuzu Dmax, the MODE Canopy offers a fitment kit that delivers rugged reliability and durability. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Isuzu Dmax, this fitment kit ensures that your canopy withstands the demands of off-road adventures while enhancing your vehicle's aesthetics.

Ford Ranger - P703 > Mid 2022 Fitment Kit: Stylish Integration

The MODE Canopy's fitment kit for the Ford Ranger (P703 model) up until mid-2022 provides stylish integration and functionality. This kit ensures that your canopy matches the sleek design of the Ford Ranger, resulting in a cohesive and eye-catching appearance. Enjoy the perfect blend of style and utility as you explore the great outdoors with your Ford Ranger and the MODE Canopy.

Toyota Hilux - 8th Generation Fitment Kit: Seamless Compatibility

The MODE Canopy's fitment kit for the 8th generation Toyota Hilux offers seamless compatibility and integration. This kit ensures that your canopy blends effortlessly with the rugged and capable design of the Toyota Hilux, providing enhanced functionality and versatility for your outdoor endeavours.

Toyota Landcruiser 70 - HZJ79 >2012 Fitment Kit: Adventure-Ready Performance

For owners of the Toyota Landcruiser 70, specifically the HZJ79 model from 2012 onwards, the MODE Canopy offers a fitment kit that guarantees adventure-ready performance. This kit is designed to withstand the demanding conditions often encountered during off-road expeditions, ensuring that your canopy remains secure and reliable while complementing the iconic styling of the Landcruiser 70.


The MODE Canopy caters to a wide range of popular vehicle models with its comprehensive fitment kit options. From the Mazda BT 50 and Isuzu Dmax to the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Toyota Landcruiser 70, MODE Canopy ensures compatibility and integration, providing a seamless and functional extension to your vehicle. Experience the perfect match for your outdoor adventures, knowing that your canopy is specifically designed to enhance the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle.

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