Warranty Claim Process

Steps to Claim Under Warranty with Zone RV

What is covered by the Zone RV Warranty?

Please read this article for more information about what is covered under your warranty.

Initial Contact and Assessment 

When purchasing a recreational vehicle (RV) from Zone RV, it's important to understand the warranty terms and conditions to ensure a smooth claim process. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to claim under warranty with Zone RV, helping owners navigate the necessary procedures effectively.

1. Research the knowledge base
In the event of a defect or issue with your Zone RV, we recommend you research our knowledge base for common questions and answers in case your concern is a simple fix.

2. Speak with Tech Support

In the event you cannot find the right information on the Knowledge Base, the next step is to contact Zone RV's Tech Support Team. You can reach them by submitting a ticket, emailing Techsupport@zonerv.com.au or phone on 07 5471 6410 to discuss and diagnose the problem. This initial conversation helps determine if the issue can be resolved or if further assessment is required.

If your enquiry relates to fiberglass or cabinetry panels (excluding hardware and hinges) please move forward to the final step and create a warranty claim.

Submitting a Claim

Once the assessment is complete and a defect covered by the warranty is identified, it's time to submit a claim. Adhering to the warranty terms and conditions is crucial for a successful claim process.

If your enquiry is about your Third party appliances, Cruise Master, Thetford, Webasto, Redarc, ETC we recommend you contact them directly for further assistance and warranty claims.

Submit a Claim Using the Online Form

To initiate the warranty claim process, please complete the online claim form provided by Zone RV at this link. The form requires you to include specific details as outlined in the warranty terms and conditions. Ensure you provide the following information:

  • High-quality detailed photographs of the defect: Submit photographs that clearly depict the identified defect.
  • Detailed description of the alleged defect: Clearly explain the nature of the defect or issue you are experiencing.
  • Cause of the alleged defect: If possible, provide information on what might have caused the defect.

    Submission of additional documentation
    Although the submission of additional documentation is not mandatory, Zone RV reserves the right to request supplementary information to facilitate the thorough assessment of your warranty claim. Such requested information may encompass the following:
  • Proof of ownership: Include proof of purchase directly from Zone RV or vehicle registration papers from the relevant government department.
  • Service and maintenance records: Provide documentation that verifies the regular servicing and maintenance of your RV.
  • A copy of the third party assessment from step 3 (completed at a repairer)

By submitting the claim with accurate and complete information, you facilitate the assessment and decision-making process.

Note: A claim is not approved until all steps have been followed, and approval is given. Failure to follow the specified process may result in a denied claim without reimbursement.

Additional Considerations

While following the steps mentioned above is essential, it's important to be aware of some additional aspects outlined in the warranty terms and conditions.

  • Delivery and collection responsibility: Unless the defect prevents safe delivery, the cost of delivering and collecting the RV to and from Zone RV or an approved service repairer rests with the owner.
  • Ceasing use of the RV: In the event that the defect makes the RV inoperative or unsafe, it is crucial to immediately stop using the vehicle and notify Zone RV for inspection and necessary repairs or servicing.
  • On-site repairs: If requested by the owner, Zone RV may provide on-site repair services for defects covered by the warranty. However, this service requires payment of a call-out fee determined by Zone RV and approval via the above method.
  • Authorized repair work: To ensure warranty coverage and payment, all repairs must be carried out require prior express written consent from Zone RV warranty team.

By following these steps and adhering to the warranty terms and conditions, Zone RV owners can streamline the warranty claim process and increase the likelihood of a successful claim. It is important to thoroughly read and understand the warranty documentation provided by Zone RV to ensure compliance with their requirements.